Thursday, October 17, 2019

TLMT312 WEEK 5 FORUM Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

TLMT312 WEEK 5 FORUM - Assignment Example They have a definite or regular shape that facilitates their easy storage and handling as opposed to non rigid containers which do not hold their shape. Non rigid containers have an indefinite shape because of lack of supporting structures. ii. Nonrigid containers in most cases will take the shape of its contents. This is opposed to the rigid containers, of which its contents, especially, fluids and gases take the shape of the container. This is vital in the determination of the type of container to be used during packaging by the organization. In the cost reduction strategy, it is required that appropriate container be selected as per the volume of the load. iii. Ordinarily, rigid containers will take more storage space as opposed to non rigid containers which can be folded to occupy less space. Nonrigid containers in the long run save the storage cost accrued from usage of less space. In the supply and procurement department this is important so as to strategies to ensure that the organization still makes profits. iv. Rigid containers have more storage and maintenance costs as opposed to non rigid containers. This is due to labor used for cleaning and storing the rigid containers. Most non rigid containers are non reusable, thus do not attract the costs. (Donald J. Bowersox, 2009) v. In most cases rigid containers are durable and reusable as opposed to non rigid containers. This is vital in the cost benefit analysis 2of the firm to ensure that it is making profits. The usage of rigid containers saves costs that would emanate from frequently container purchases. Oftenly, rigid containers are usually highly priced than the non rigid containers because of their durability and reusability. vi. In rigid container the manufacturers must give instructions and provide documentation for the evaluation, purchase, processing, and effective use of containers as opposed to non rigid where the is no much

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